Friday, January 20, 2012


Well with the world coming to an end later this year this could very well be the last Coachella ever, so there is no reason not to go out without a bang right? This will be my 5th straight year attending the greatest festival on earth and I can’t wait! (83 days). Coachella is kind of like sex, in the beginning it’s a pretty bumpy ride, you’re not sure what exactly the hell is going on, you find yourself lost most of the time with no real direction. The first time is very short lived and at the end you find yourself exhausted and asking yourself “what just happened?” and hopefully you’re not asking yourself “is that it?”. However over the years you get to hone your skills in every facet of the game. You go from being able to last 2 hours before needing a nap to raging all three days with no sleep and begging for more as the last band ends their set on Sunday night. You go from showing up with one friend, a sleeping bag, 2 person tent and a bottle of water to renting out a 3 bedroom condo with a pool spa and lazy river for a whole crew of your friends one of which is your personal chef making 5 course meals and bringing enough alcohol and party favors to last Charlie Sheen an entire week. Every year just keeps getting better and better and you end up being able to navigate Coachella’s highs and lows with your eyes closed. I can honestly say Coachella has changed my life and it has become my three favourite days of the year. From the moment I left the most epic Prince set 5 years ago where he owned the stage like no one else  I have ever seen before, I knew everything was going to be different in my life. I had found my calling, music, it had been there since I was a kid but I knew from then that no matter what, I wanted to surround myself/life/career/relationships/ideologies with the thing that I love most, music. This year’s Coachella is going to be insane so I thought I’d share who I’m most excited about each day.
Amon Tobin- quite possibly going to be the best visual set Coachella has ever seen. Watch the featured Video below it will make you feel like you’re high when you’re dead sober.  
Sebastian / Breakbot- Ed banger decided to give you a little warm-up before Justice tears down Sunday night with two of my favourite DJ’s.  Breakbot is sure to be the funkiest set you’ll see all weekend.
Frank Ocean – So his album dropped and it was weak, he’s been surviving on one track “Novocaine” that has catapulted his success, but I’m hoping I get proved wrong and this becomes a set I’m happy I wasted my time on.
Other Notables – The Black Keys (obvious), The Rapture, The Sheepdogs, La Riots

SBTRKT- This duo from Toronto made my favourite album of 2011 and will be the most watched set of the day next to Radiohead.
Miike Snow – I’ve been dying to see this 4 piece band for years now. (Featured video below)
The Shins – With their last album coming out in 2007 I can’t wait to hear some new tracks that hopefully outshine Broken Bells
Other Notables – Radiohead, Kasabian, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, tuneyards.

Sunday, Sunday ,Sunday
Justice- Without a doubt this is will be the set of the weekend. DO NOT MISS! (Featured Video)
Dr. Dre And Snoop- The Chronic! enough said.
The Weeknd – Most anticipated set in the last few years that I can think of. (Don’t disappoint)
Beirut- Hoping to fall in love during this set

Other Notables – Calvin Harris, Fitz and The Tantrums, Metronomy, Goyte