Thursday, October 27, 2011


I guess I owe it to this little thing called "Lady Luck" that a dear friend introduced me to the incredible Jamie Woon. The term "singer songwriter" leaves such a bad taste in my mouth these days, but Jamie is an exception. Few singer songwriters encompass the amount of soul and passion Jamie brings to his music. With such a unique and endearing tone to his vocal Jamie manages to attract both men and women to fall in love with his "Swag". This same friend when introducing Jamie to me said "yeah he's about one step away from becoming Seal" hahaha, I couldn't help but agree. Mirrorwriting, this British sensations' full length album is packed with hits that scream "baby making music". I'm excited to see what Jamie brings us next I can only hope Lady Luck continues to be on his side.

Get Down On The GetDown


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