Monday, October 31, 2011


My intention for this blog always was and still is to write about music and share my thoughts, experiences and opinions on today’s music scene with anyone who cared to listen. Today, however, I feel compelled to share the incredible art from a lovely, young, extremely talented badass by the name of Jules Muck that I had the pleasure to meet over the Halloween weekend. Sitting on the third floor/attic/make shift art room in a gorgeous house in Venice Beach this weekend dressed as Alex from Clockwork Orange I witnessed what can only be described as pure magic.  A few of us at the party huddle around the incredibly genuine Jules as she began to paint. At first I was more interested in the drink that was in my hand and the sexy dressed up bumble bee that had found her way to my lap, but soon enough I couldn’t take my eyes off of what was taking place in front of me. Jules, who at times wasn’t even looking at her canvas, began to make it come alive. The most beautiful aspect was how effortlessly she stroked the brush across the canvas looking as if she was more interested in the conversation she was having with us rather than the masterpiece she was creating. It’s pretty breathtaking getting the opportunity to witness an individual being able to turn their imagination into reality. Enjoy
Get Down On The GetDown

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  1. Jules is having an art show on the 26th. It's at Lab Art in Downtown LA, and Jack Bender the Producer of Lost will be showing with her. If your interested here's the link. RSVP!home%7CmainPage