Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Wow 10 years! Congratulations to the crazy alcoholics of Minus The Bear celebrating their 10 Year Anniversary Tour! And I say that with the utmost respect. I can honestly say that Minus The Bear is one of my top 10 favourite bands of all time. It seems like just yesterday I was getting out of one of my college classes, it was around lunchtime and my friend hits me up telling me to come to the downstairs pub to check out this band. I had another class at the time, but I decided, like I did way too many times that year, to ditch and enjoy being a college student. Next think I know I’m a few beers deep popping a triple stack (hopefully only a few of you know what that is) and getting down on the get down. They absolutely tore apart that downstairs pub. It was hot, it was sweaty, it was jiggy, it was tough, it was 2003 and it was a bunch of kids no older than me just “fucking shit up”! Minus The Bear is one of those bands whose sound has never really evolved and to be quite honest, it’s mainly due to the fact that they nailed it the first time.  The featured track “White Mystery” should make you feel sexy, it should make you feel naughty, it should make you feel desirable, it should make you feel like you want to do nothing more than run home grab your lover and start making sweet passionate love, well at least that’s how it makes me feel. Enjoy!


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