Friday, November 11, 2011


Oh Holy Ghost! where do I start with you. I guess I have a few questions. Are you guys just a one-hit wonder? How can “Hold On” that you produced in 2007 carry you over a 4 year period? You didn’t make a single other track until you released the album “Holy Ghost” in 2011? Wait I’m confused! So let me get this straight, you guys really toured for 4 years playing the same track over and over and over haha? Don’t get me wrong “Hold On” is a fuckin epic track. The single was described by Resident Advisor as "one of the dirtiest little Italo tunes you're likely to hear this year". The drums make you instantly start bobbing your head, then the arpeggiated synth keys drop in followed by a driving synthesized base line and suddenly every white guy in the room finds his way out to the dance floor. I had the unfortunate pleasure of seeing Holy Ghost! live once, and next to Bloc Party it was probably the most boring set I had ever seen. Granted they were opening for Chromeo and maybe I just overlooked them in my shear excitement for the greatest electrofunk duo of all time. Well kind of like you give a jilted ex-lover one more chance to make it work, I’m giving Holy Ghost! one more chance tonight to make it work. If after seeing them tonight at the Music Box, I still walk away yawning and feeling less than satisfied I’m going to have to put Holy Ghost! in the grave, never to be seen of or heard from again. The featured track is what got you to where you are Holy Ghost! don’t you dare let me and everyone else down tonight.

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