Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Flight Facilities

Who are they? What are they? Where are they from? None of which can be answered for sure, other than the fact that they are an anonymous DJ/Producer Duo signed to Banggang 12s, an Aussie record label. Rumor has it that the duo are in fact U-Go-B and Jimmy2sox, two DJ’s from Australia, but for the time being the duo remain nameless. Despite the false identities and secret back stories one thing remains, Flight Facilities are killing the electro scene right now. With remixes for artists as well- known as Cut Copy, Bag Raiders, and Holy Ghost already blowing up indie-electro kid’s speakers all over the nation, Flight Facilities have dropped their first original track “Crave You” featuring the oh so beautiful sounding Giselle Rosselli.  And how could you not love their ridiculously awesome get-up (featured below) almost mocking the idea of today's deejay gimics. I’ve featured both the original track with official video and my favourite remix by fellow Banggang 12s artist Cassian. The remix has a much funkier vibe, adding some banging electro synths along with enhanced beats and harder kicks. The duo will be touring overseas for the next few months so us red-blooded Americans will have to sit tight but my hope is that we all will be lucky enough to catch them in the Sahara tent at Coachella 2012. Enjoy!

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