Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Well Ladies & Gentlemen it doesn’t get much better than this! I’ve seen the featured video more than 100 times and I still get a semi every time. That might be a little graphic, but who would have ever thought Daryl Hall and Chromeo would be the toughest collaboration around? This instant connection was so hott they even ended up touring together in 2010 playing at the Bonaroo Festival in Nashville, Tennessee. Chromeo is the electrofunk brainchild of childhood friends P-Thug and Dave 1 from Toronto, Canada and Daryl Hall is the better half of the greatest “rock soul” pop act of the 1970’s and 80’s Hall & Oates. The premise of this featured video is that Daryl Hall owns this gorgeous house in rural upstate New York with an entire room/barn/incredible studio. Daryl Hall being the badass that he is, invites bands and artists that he digs, to stay with him for the weekend to jam, eat great food, jam, enjoy some cocktails, jam, bullshit about music, and oh yeah jam. They play mostly tracks from both the bands’ hits as well as Hall & Oates’ hits.  If you haven’t checked out you really haven’t lived yet, there’s over 40 different artists featured on his site including bands like Fitz & The Tantrums, Neon Trees, Smokey Robinson and so many more. I know some of you might be weary of Daryl Hall as was I before I really got a chance to discover how truly talented he is. I’ve yet to find any other person that genuinely loves music more than he does. You can see it in his gregarious personality and dedicated passion to experiencing new and different sounds which is why I think Chromeo and Daryl clicked so easily because Daryl was intrigued by the unique electro sounds Chromeo incorporates within their music. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do and maybe even find yourself on someday.


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