Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I see it only fitting that I begin this journey with a band that has revolutionized the electronic music scene and has somehow found a way to continue to showcase their badass persona even as they have drifted into the dreadful, but inevitable realm known as "mainstream" .  Audio, Video, Disco, Justice's new album drops today and once again these eccentric Frenchman have taken their rightful place as the Kings of Electro. The featured track Helix takes you on an adventure through what sometimes feels like an 80's videogame. If you can sit through the entire track without having the urge to jump out of your seat and start busting out Michael Jackson dance moves then something is wrong with you. But what else should I expect from my favorite record label Ed Banger. With the collaborative ideas being thrown between the scenes toughest artists (Breakbot, Busy P, Mr. Ozio, SebastiAn, etc) greatness is bound to start spewing out in the form of hit record after hit record. So with my first post on my first music blog I'd like to keep this short and simple, offering the world my twisted yet passionate take on today's music scene.

Get Down on the GetDown


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