Wednesday, October 26, 2011


So I don’t know if any of you have been hiding in a cave for the last few years but there is a new genre of electronic music that has taken the scene by storm. Dubstep has single handedly bent over electronic music and made it their bitch. Personally I can't stand it! 95% of Dubstep is complete garbage and it all sounds the exact same to me. I remember being at Electric Daisy Carnival in LA in 2010 walking past the Dubstep tent, slightly cringing and trying my best to shield my ears from this god awful music and I shit you not I walked past the same tent 3 hours later and I swear to god they were playing the exact same song, well so it seemed because every track sounds the exact same. With that being said there is a small glimmer of hope in this genre that I'm sure is to fade quicker than Vanilla Ice did in the 90's. That glimmer is the small framed, highly controversial, 23 year old DJ/Producer by the name of Skrillex. Skrillex (real name Sonny Moore) once the front man for Scremo rock band From First To Last has slowly become the sole leader and bright shining star in this sub-par genre of electronic music. The reason I'm even bothering to mention his name is because of the video I posted above. Few music videos rarely cross my path while I'm surfing the viral world that blow my mind, but I can honestly say this video has done just that. Touching on what quite possibly could be the most sickening subject matter I can think of (child molestation) this video has done something few videos have ever made me do. It literally made me get out of my chair, stand up and start clapping and cheering uncontrollably. I'm not quite sure who in Skrillex camp (possibly even Moore himself) came up with this concept but it is quite simply put "fucking brilliant!" I wish there were more words that could describe how I feel about this video, but I think the best thing to do now is let you watch and enjoy. Hopefully you get the same enjoyment I got from this video. 

Get Down On The GetDown



  1. This video is brilliant due to the fact that for a couple minutes it distracted me from the pure awfulness that is dubstep. The way the video works with the track is genius but as far as the actual music goes Im just left wondering how people can actually enjoy listening to this crap. I do not understand how anyone can listen to dupstep for more than 10 seconds without their head exploding. I wish that dupstep would go away but unfortunately it looks like people have completey forgotten what good music sounds like so its here to stay for a while. I await the day that dupstep dies!!!

  2. Agreed, agreed, and agreed. Most all Dubstep does sound the same but the subject matter of this video, dark unexpected twists, and a little bit of Skrillex's magic thrown in makes this video amazing.