Wednesday, December 21, 2011


It’s rare for me to hit repeat at the end of an album and listen to it all over again, it’s even rarer for me to hit repeat all day long and listen to only one album for an entire week. But I can’t help it with this album “Celeste” from producer Barretso. I’m not lying when I say it’s the only thing that’s been bumping through my car, house, and work speakers. Move over Calvin Harris there is a new King of Disco and his name is Barretso aka Francisco from Chile. I guarantee the featured track “Celeste” (also the name of the album) will be the first track you put on wherever you go for the next month straight. Combining enchanting synth melodies, 80’s pop vocals, and a plethora of driving bass lines Barretso captures you from the first moment you hear him. His music is a phenomenal collaboration of 80’s break beats incorporating futuristic synths that sometimes feel as if you’ve been transported to another world. His sound is very reminiscent of a Kavinsky track, yet still unique in its own right. He’s signed to some tiny label Tuff em up! that I’ve never heard of, but it’s just a matter of time before you start seeing his name everywhere. No tour dates scheduled in the US as of yet but if Barretso keeps dominating the blog world like he is now then we’re bound to get a show or two thrown our way. Enjoy!

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